Sukkot 5781

With the help of masked friends, neighbors, and loved ones, we completed the mitzvah of building a Sukkah for the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Made with a majority of found materials and community contribution, Oct 2020 (5781).


Dreams and Plans for the Sefirot Collection, Spring 2021

These are some selected ideas and inspiration for an upcoming collection of ritual items based on the ten Sefirot of Kabbalist mystical judaism. 

Asè Asè Asè: As part of Bare Bones, Offerings: Halloween 2020, with Baki Baki Baki Z Porter

This fall I had the tremendous opportunity to create original work at part of the Bare Bones: Offerings, in lieu of their annual halloween performance. When my dear friend and inspiration Baki Baki Baki asked me to help make a multi-faith portal come to life, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Drawing from our respective traditions of judaism and hoodoo, we make art together that honors solidarity and liberation. Experimenting with light, sound, reflection, and water, this installation honors those that we lost and holds sacred trans space. 











Past Prints and Drawings




These works demonstrate my skills and creativity in a variety of mediums throughout my fine-art education. I am a person constantly in transition and I look forward to seeing the way my aesthetics grow and transform over time.