Chaim Budenosky creates artifacts

to connect with the omnipresent gender euphoria of Hashem.


In reverence to rituals of judaism and transness, their work blurs the line separating them, making room for abundant queer spirituality.

In reflection, texture, and form, Chaim spots and channels light through an androgynos lens.


Chaim is a Kohen and a descendent of the Baal Shem Tov.


They hope to one day fulfill their B’nei Mitzvah dressed in their own cloth.


Chaim is a lifelong artist trying to survive in this world.


He completed his B.A. in Studio Art at Macalester College in May of 2017, and a Graduate Printmaking Apprenticeship under Ruthann Godollei, Wallace Professor of Art, in 2018.

Chaim’s work has been selected for exhibition in galleries and public art events in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN; Guanajuato, Mexico; and Atlanta, GA.


Chaim uses they/them/theirs & he/him/his pronouns.